Off Line Chopping Equipment Plant

The OFF LINE CHOPPING EQUIPMENT Line produces a chopped strand fiberglass product.

Fibermech offers an Off-line chopping equipment line starting from the creel area where the cakes are positioned on steel frames.

The fiberglass strands are pulled and cut from the Fibermech Off-line choppers.

These machines are fully designed and developed by our technical department according to the needs and requests of our customers.

A Vibratory flat screener is located below
the choppers which helps to screen a different fiber cut lenght and handles the chopped strand up to the mechanical conveyor.

This screener is equipped with a magnet system able to catch all the metallic contaminants.

The Mechanical conveyor transfers the fiberglass product from the screen to the big bag loading station which is equipped with load cells.

The hoods are located above the critical parts avoiding the dispersion of the fibers in the surrounding environment.

Fibermech can design, supply and build a tailor-made off-line chopping equipment set which can minimize the machine down-time.


  • Choppers Speed up to 400m/min
  • Longest cutting life time
  • Fiber Cut lengths: 3.0-4.5-6.0-12 mm and as per customer request