Drying And Polimerization Channel

The Curing Oven is used for two main purposes:

  • Evaporate the water in the product;

  • Binder Polimerization;




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  • Internal panels are made of aluminized steel, properly assembled and insulated 
  • Lateral inspection and serving doors
  • Special filtering system
  • Automatically or Manually adjustable deckles according to product width
  • All the fans are driven by frequency converters
  • Linear Burner chain belt cleaning system
  • Fire Detection and extinguish systems

The Oven can be divided in different sections. Each section is equipped with a circulation fan, burners, exhaust fan.


FIBERMECH multidisciplinary engineering team is in a position to design and supply the overall drying and polymerization oven according to the type and width of the products to be produced.