Emulsion Binder Application System

The emulsion binder application system is designed to achieve the best emulsion binder distribution across the width of non-woven product lines.


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  • Liquid binder pressure: dropping
  • Organic substances in the emulsion: 6 ÷ 10%
  • Liquid binder distributor width: from 1.000 to 4.000 mm

The emulsion is applied to the products by means of two overflow units.

The excess of the emulsion binder is recovered by a suction system.

The ducts are connected to a cyclone where the air mist is sent to separate the air from the binder. The air is discharged through a stack while the binder is recycled in a tank and re-used.

FIBERMECH’s binder application system is design with the most innovative and efficient equipments coming from the long term experience in fiberglass sector.