End Line

The END LINE is composed by:

  • Compact rollers and cooling section

  • Pull Rollers

  • Quality and Inspection section


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  • Hard chromed compact rollers surface
  • Adjustable pressure of the compact rollers
  • In-line weight distribution measurement
  • Artificial vision for defect detection and recording

The compact rollers are used for pressing, bonding and cooling down the fiberglass products.

The compact rollers have an internal chilled water cooling system that keep the surface temperature controlled.

An additional cooling system, which allows a variable air flow through the fiberglass MAT, is located after the calanders. The cooling is adjustable by means of frequency controlled fan.

Two pair of rollers pull the product after the calander to the winder.

The last section is composed by a quality control system for weight distribution and inspection cameras to detect defects on the product.

Our technical department is able to study, design and develop the solutions to be adopted in order to guarantee the optimal product properties.